Types of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in all different shapes and sizes. We categorize hearing aids according to how we wear them. In The Ear (ITE) hearing aids and Behind The Ear (BTE) hearing aids. As the name suggests, an ITE hearing aid sits completely inside the ear. Whereas, a component sits behind the ear in BTE hearing aids.

In the ear

Custom made for your ear canal, these hearing aids are more discreet than behind the ear models. Some are so small, that they are nearly invisible.


Behind the ear

These hearing aids are able to accommodate a wide rage of hearing losses and are available in very discreet designs.


Wireless Accessories

Wireless accessories enables the hearing aid user to directly stream sound into the hearing aids from many devices such as the mobile phone and television.


Which Hearing Aid suits me?

When choosing the right hearing aid for you, having an idea about the different hearing aid styles that are available is important. However, an Audiologist needs to consider many factors such as, the degree of your hearing loss, type of hearing loss, life style and communication needs. A hearing aid trial is an absolute necessity to find out what kind of a device suits you best.

Can I Purchase Invisible Hearing Aids Online in Sri Lanka?

Discretion is key and Vision Care Hearing Solutions understands that. Giving users freedom from bulky hearing aid models, Vision Care offers a range of small hearing aids in Sri Lanka that is almost impossible to notice and are perfectly suited for mild to moderately severe hearing loss. However, invisible hearing aids are custom made devices and require customization, therefore you cannot purchase invisible hearing aids online. You can step into our outlets across Sri Lanka and chose the best solution suited for your hearing needs. Browse our extensive collection of Invisible Hearing Aids (IHA) by visiting any Vision Care, Hearing Solutions outlet today! Discovering more about these small hearing aids online in Sri Lanka is a relatively quick and easy process.

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