Oticon, based in Denmark, founded in 1904 by Hans Demant has become one of the top hearing aid brands in the world.

Strengthened by the legacy of more than a century, Oticon revolutionized the hearing care technology in many ways marking groundbreaking milestones on its way. Here is a glimpse of that history,

Queen Alexandra of Great Britain had worn the first portable hearing aid at her coronation the year before Hans Demant traveled to England to buy one for his wife.
Hans Demant motivated by the pursuit of a solution to his wife’s hearing loss, establishes Oticon in Denmark.
William Demant, the son of Hans takes over Oticon. 1960s – Oticon expands to the USA, Switzerland, and Germany.
Oticon Holdings goes public on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. 2006 – Won the European Information Technology grand prize.
Launched Revolutionary Oticon Opn Hearing Aid. World’s first Internet Connected Hearing Aid.
Won Edison award for Oticon Opn Hearing Aid.
Celebrates millionth Oticon Opn hearing aid fitting to a patient.
- Another revolution in hearing aid technology, a feedback-free hearing aid; Oticon Opn S launched. - Also in 2019 – Opn Play: Hearing Aid line for children launched - In 2019, Oticon continues to lead hearing care globally under Demant Holdings.

Oticon Wireless Connectivity

Background Noise is a major challenge for hearing aid users to overcome while understanding speech. This is why Oticon enabled wireless connectivity to hearing aids with Oticon Connectline platform. This enables people to directly stream sounds from a telephone, TV, or a remote microphone. Direct transmission of sounds from a distance without the interference of background noise is a great benefit for the user. 

Eriksholm Research Center 

Eriksholm Research Center (ERC) can be introduced as the brains behind the development of many of the technologies used in Oticon hearing devices. Initiated in 1977, Eriksholm Research Center has come a long way in an innovative research pathway guiding future directions of Audiology.

Today, the three main themes that guide ERC research are Cognitive Hearing Science, Augmented Hearing and eHealth all of which are current mega-trends in Audiology. Relating the knowledge on how auditory brain works with assistive listening technologies and an effective hearing health care service delivery system is the strategic rationale behind this approach. As a part of Oticon, Eriksholm Research Center continues with a passion of innovating to ensure better hearing.

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