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Vision care, began its journey on February 5th 1992. Because of our unique approach, we are currently the pioneering Eye & Hearing Care Company in Sri Lanka. We have introduced new technologies to the eye care field and have improved its service standards. Therefore, as we have made great strides in the eye care industry, we hope to do the same for Hearing Health Care in Sri Lanka. Having a clear vision in mind, we take the initiative to change the field of Audiology.

Loss of hearing affects one’s ability to communicate with the world. Most importantly, how it affects differs from one person to another. Providing personalized hearing solutions is one aspect that was overlooked in Sri Lanka for many years. Therefore, we are a company that strive to change this and change lives for the better.

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Hearing loss may affect us at any age. This hearing screening test will help you identify a potential hearing problem that you may have, or confirm that your hearing is normal. Try this quick and easy at-home hearing screening test to find out if you should talk to a hearing professional.
This online screening test is not a substitute for a detailed hearing evaluation by a qualified professional. If you have any concerns about your hearing, please consult one of our Audiologists.

What are the symptoms that my hearing is reducing?

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Because your loved ones matter

Having a hearing loss effects your quality of life. Don’t let it come between those special moments you have with the ones you love. Don't wait ...

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